• Randy Slovic’s priorities for Richland include:
  • Better Fiscal Management
  • Public Safety
  • Livability
  • Transparency of City Government

Better Fiscal Management

Better Fiscal management will save residents from unexpected new taxes like the car tab.

The City of Richland can improve the local economy by keeping tax dollars spent on city projects in the community by using local contractors and workers when possible.


We need to make pedestrian and bicycle safety and accessibility a priority.

When the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials says the minimum bike lane should be five-feet wide, we don’t look serious when we create new lanes that are less than that.

Pedestrian crosswalks, especially around schools, must be modernized.


The Tri-Cities has a serious air pollution problem. We cannot fix it without the cooperation of the federal goverment and contractors at Hanford.

Redevelopment of downtown must take priority over new sprawl, especially when it threatens wetland areas.

We must do what we can to maintain housing affordability at the same time.


Our city government ought to be responsive to input and questions from residents, and it should better represent our community by including more women on all our boards and commissions.

City Council agendas need to reflect what will be discussed at the meeting. “Tourism” is too broad a topic when the discussion concerns the lodging tax. Public announcements must accurately list the times that meetings are held. And, of course, discussing matters not listed at all must not happen.

City Council members need to leave their seats and visit neighborhoods and talk to residents.