My opponent, Bob Thompson, has run unopposed for two out of the last three election cycles. That may be why he feels invincible enough to threaten to “screw with” people who oppose him.

While Bob claims that redevelopment downtown is a priority, he continues to vote to spread it to sensitive areas instead.

I walk my talk. Richland has a fabulous natural resource running through it, the Columbia River. It provides many opportunities for not just recreation but also downtown development. Maximizing its potential with the right kind of development and creating a better connection to the riverfront from the development will provide our residents with more opportunities to enjoy it.

Bob has been on the City Council for 25 years. But when was the last time you saw him in your neighborhood?

I believe City Council must provide office hours monthly on a rotating basis, like other similar-sized cities, to meet with resident one on one to hear concerns and answer questions. In addition, I would create Walking Town Halls of our neighborhoods. These would include council members, city staff and residents to offer additional opportunities for asking questions and sharing concerns.